Children & Adolescents Dentistry

Children & Adolescents Dentistry

Children & Adolescents Dentistry

Most children will have all their baby teeth by the age of three. It is vital that parents understand the correct home care plan for children of all ages.

From the day the first baby tooth erupts until the day the last permanent tooth erupts. At Merivale Dental Group, we recognize the importance of good oral hygiene for children and adolescents.

Children are usually seen by a school dental therapist and should start seeing them as soon as their first teeth are through. Plunket are usually able to put you in touch with a school dental therapist in your area, otherwise you can contact the school dental service offices directly here. In some instances parents may bring children to us for advice, or the school dental therapist may refer your children to us for further assessment and/or treatment. Such treatment is often indicated for children with extensive treatment needs (requiring oral sedation etc.) or urgent emergencies. If you would like to bring your child in to see us rather than the school dental therapist for their general dental care we are more than happy to provide this, but this would be charged at our normal rates.

Adolescents Dentistry

Adolescents (high school year 9 to age 18) are able to attend our clinics free of charge for all treatment types covered by the school dental benefits scheme (you don’t even have to be at school). There are very few exemptions to this cover and they don’t usually come up in a normal course of treatment. Adolescents will receive the same full range of treatment options and the same great standard of care that we enjoy providing to all out other clients. We also particularly make sure we take the time to help you get your oral hygiene and dental care habits set up to give you a long term healthy smile. This includes general advice and cleaning, but also may include fluoride treatments and fissure sealants to help prevent tooth decay.

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