Dental Check-ups & Consultations

Dental Check-ups & Consultations

Comprehensive Dental Examinations

All of our new patients receive a thorough oral examination which focuses on both soft (gums, tongue, etc) and hard tissues (supporting bone, teeth, etc). While our check-ups and treatment plans are tailored to your unique needs, we will always include a standard dental check-up that gives you and us a better understanding of your oral health status.  Book your dental check up today

This usually includes:

Investigation of any concerns or aches you may have

Sometimes dental check-ups come at the best time – when you need it most! Whether you have a niggling ache or something worrying you, we want to hear it first before we start our comprehensive examination as that will often take priority. Even if you think it’s a trivial or simple question, please let us know at the start of the check-up.

Baseline charting (what teeth and fillings you already have)

We need to know as much about your teeth as we can in order to plan our treatment and continue to monitor the progress of your dentition. This can also be very important for forensic purposes.

An assessment of your periodontal (gums) health & any existing decay

Your teeth and gums complement each other. There is no point having one in good condition and not the other since each one is vital to the longevity of the other. Therefore we chart existing levels of gum disease and any sign of new or recurrent decay.

Standard X-rays (Posterior Bitewings)

We take x-rays of your back teeth once every year or every two years depending on your risk level of dental decay. These types of radiographs produce insignificant amounts of radiation and can therefore be used at any time, including pregnancy. Radiographs greatly aid a dentist’s ability to detect decay between teeth (which often cannot be seen clinically).

A written plan outlining various treatment options, with estimated costs and time frames*

Some people may require additional records such as study models, photographs and different types of radiographs. We would typically discuss the need for these records with you during the consultation appointment.

*For complex cases, or if additional records and tests are needed, the written plan may not be presented at the initial consultation.

Regular Recalls

Like most other health diseases, early detection is the key. With that in mind, we encourage all of our patients to have regular dental check-ups in order to resolve any issues that may threaten the health of their oral tissues and become problematic.

Our recalls are either 6- or 12-monthly depending on your oral health status – we will advise you on which is the better recall period for you. In addition, some people will also require separate recall appointments for periodontal (gum) care, either with a dentist or dental hygienist (these are 3, 6 or 12 monthly and can be arranged to coincide with your dental check-up in most cases).

Once you enter our recall system, we will automatically send you a reminder in the post (or by e-mail) a few weeks before your recall is due. The recall appointment will often last for 15-20 minutes and will include a review of your oral health status and any concerns you may have.

Radiographs and other special tests are often taken either on a yearly basis or every two years. Again we will discuss with you what is most appropriate for you depending on your oral health status.
We look forward to seeing you on a regular basis.

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