Tooth Coloured Fillings

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Highest quality white fillings that match your natural tooth colour. 1st choice!

Tooth coloured fillings (or white fillings as they are commonly known) have improved greatly over the past few decades and now offer excellent aesthetics and strength. Tooth coloured fillings come in a variety of types that can be used in various places in the mouth with differing functions:

Composite Fillings

These are the most common type of white fillings used today. The superior aesthetics allow these fillings to blend seemingly with natural teeth! In addition, their strength allows them to be used in back teeth where a lot of force is applied during chewing – and they can last for a long time if well maintained. We use the most advanced nano-composites for superior quality composite fillings.

Glass Ionmer Fillings

These types of fillings come in a variety of differing types (with differing functions), but the most common type is often used around the gum-line as they can slowly release a fluoride that helps fight against recurrent decay! Unfortunately these aren’t usually strong enough to be used on the chewing surface of back teeth.

Fissure Sealants

These are a very fluid filling material that is flowed into the natural grooves on teeth and set hard with a special light. They are used to help prevent decay occurring in these areas, or over the first signs of decay starting to prevent it from progressing further.

Sometimes these tooth-coloured filling materials aren’t quite strong enough for the job they need to do. In this case the best material to provide excellent aesthetics and that added extra strength is porcelain. You can read more about this on our veneers, crowns, bridges and implants page.

Internal Bleaching of Root Filled Teeth

Some teeth that are root filled can sometimes darken over time and become very unsightly especially if it’s a front tooth which affects your smile composition. In many cases, we can place bleach inside the tooth and improve this appearance with great results. Even if a ceramic crown is planned, it is often advisable to bleach the tooth beforehand to improve the overall aesthetic outcome of the crown.

Teeth which have had root fillings as a result of an ACC-related accident may also be covered for internal bleaching, so please free to discuss this with us.

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