Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening for brighter and whiter teeth

Most people recognise that their smile is one of their greatest assets… and they are right! Nothing beats a bright and healthy smile.

The debate over how bright your teeth should be depends on two things: (1) your personal preference and; (2) how responsive your teeth are to our tooth whitening treatments. These factors will vary between people of course.

There are two basic systems for tooth whitening:

  • In-Office Bleaching Kit

In-office bleaching is a popular option as the results are obtained after about an hour in our chair. The advantages of this system are simple: (1) Great results; (2) limited operative time needed – 1 hour only; (3) single application. Most people find this to be a convenient and effective method to whitening their teeth. As mentioned, the results do vary between people but most will notice an improvement of at least one or two shades.The longevity of this treatment depends on your lifestyle habits. Because things like drinking coffee/tea, smoking and normal foods can stain teeth, it can be expected that your new whitening teeth may darken slightly over time. We can provide a touch-up kit for home use to help maintain the colour of your bleached teeth.

  • Home Bleaching Kit

Home bleaching kits require impressions of your upper and lower teeth which are then used to make precision-fit bleaching trays. These trays are then loaded with bleaching agent and worn for 30 minutes to an hour each day. In most cases, your teeth will whiten gradually over a few days of wear only. As long as you keep the trays and have no major restorative work, you can continue to use your bleaching kit in the future.

Internal Bleaching of Root Filled Teeth

Some teeth that are root filled can sometimes darken over time and become very unsightly especially if it’s a front tooth which affects your smile composition. In many cases, we can place bleach inside the tooth and improve this appearance with great results. Even if a ceramic crown is planned, it is often advisable to bleach the tooth beforehand to improve the overall aesthetic outcome of the crown. Teeth which have had root fillings as a result of an ACC-related accident may also be covered for internal bleaching, so please free to discuss this with us.

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